We are a canine bed bug detection service based out of Panama City Beach, Florida. Serving the entire panhandle and surrounding areas, though we have traveled to Ohio, North Carolina and Indiana. Our team was trained by Bed Bug K-9’s Services in Hesperia, California, an internationally acclaimed company with service dogs placed worldwide.

Tim and Farley are the only team certified with the W.D.D.O. - The World Detection Dog Organization, in the State of Florida.

We provide exceptional quality independent bedbug inspections. We offer an unbiased service. We are not selling any further product so detection is our only goal.

Farley is trained to locate only live bedbugs and viable eggs, quickly and efficiently. A canine can be 97% accurate at detecting bedbugs where a human is only 30% accurate.

We offer fast, quality, discreet bedbug detection services. We understand the importance of discretion so we will arrive in plain clothes (no uniforms) in an unmarked vehicle (no signs).